The OK Lifestyle

16 Steps to Optimal Health

1. Live With No Guilt & No Judgement

Live life one bite at a time, one meal at a time. Remember – Each bite heals or harms, but our bodies are forgiving and resilient and it’s never too late to heal!

2. Never Drink Naked Water

FIRST THING IN MORNING Drink 8-16 oz. room temperature water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Drink until full and no longer hungry. FOR THE REST OF THE DAY Don’t drink plain water. Add liquid trace minerals and/or lemons/limes to your water for nourishment. Drink herbal white leaf, green tea, chaga tea and don’t put tea in water over 118°F

3. Start Your Day with a 16 oz Green Juice

When you begin drinking this juice daily, you will begin feeling its benefits immediately! This juice delivers vitamins and minerals directly to your body without disrupting your digestive system. Click Here for my favorite green juice recipe.

4. Eat Only Between 11 am and 7 pm

Your first meal of the day should be no earlier than 11 am because your digestive system does not engage until then. Stop all food consumption three hours before bedtime. By giving your body a chance to fast for more than 12-14 hours you are allowing it a time for effortless cleanse and repair.

5. Eat Only Living Foods

Eat only living foods plant-based nutrition, under 118 degrees to keep enzymes alive. Cooking food above 118 degrees destroys not only nutrients but also enzymes needed to digest those nutrients fully.

6. Always Eat Fruit By Itself

Fruit should never be eaten with any other food and you can only combine fruits from the same fruit group.

7. Food Combining

Never Eat Proteins and Carbohydrates Together. Follow Food Combining Rules for Maximum Nutrition & Digestive Health.

8. Only Eat Alkaline Foods

9. Sprout Grains, Nuts & Seeds

To unlock a full potential and absorption of dormant vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients naturally present in grains, beans, nuts, and seeds they must be sprouted. Soaking them will eliminate enzyme inhibitors as well as phytic acid.

10. Incorporate Sea Vegetables

Incorporate sea vegetables such as dulse, hijiki, nori, wakame, and kelp. Sea vegetables are 10 times higher in nutritional value than any field vegetable.

11. Incorporate Herbs

Incorporate herbs (cilantro, parsley, dill, rosemary, thyme) and spices (coriander, cumin, cardamom, cayenne) they are the closest to wild foods and have medicinal properties. Organic if available.

12. Avoid Liquid Fats

Avoid liquid fats, they don’t have any nutritional value. Sprouted nuts, seeds and avocado are a better choice. Do not mix more than two types of fat in the same dish. Fat can slow down digestion.

13. Eliminate Waste and Toxins from the Body

Eliminate waste and toxins by hydrating in morning, not eating before 11 am, soaking feet in hot water with cayenne pepper, eating detoxing foods, fasting, breathing,  drinking vegetable juice and using essential oils.

Super Detox: Sauna is the best way to cleanse your body. 20 min daily is ideal. Make sure to hydrate yourself properly (lemon water and minerals) Steam is second best.

14. Get Rest, Don’t Stress & Meditate

Learn to cope with stress and balance your life. Work, play. Sleep, family, most important take some time for yourself Go inward and quiet your mind several times a day 3 to 30 minutes. Even 3 minutes calms your nervous system and destresses you.

15. Exercise Every Day!

Walk, hike, run, swim, yoga, Qigong, stretch, cardio, strength training, do something every day for 5 – 60 minutes. Even 5 minutes has benefits, anyone can find 5 minutes.

16. Breathe

Take several deliberate deep breathes several times a day or do breath work. You can go without food for up to 40 days, without water for up to 10 days but 5 minutes or less without air so – BREATHE!!