Kelp Noodle Summer Salad

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This kelp noodle summer salad is a raw vegan recipe that is a perfect side or main that everyone will love. Lemon juice, olive oil and garlic make a refreshing dressing and the sundried olives, sliced tomatoes and chopped parsley and basil are a beautiful fresh combination.

Green Juice

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Your go-to alkalizing, enzyme-packed, healing and delicious daily beverage! When you begin drinking this juice daily, you will begin feeling its benefits immediately!  This juice delivers vitamins and minerals directly to your body without…

Mock "Salmon" Pate

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You don't have to like salmon to enjoy this wonderful pate. It is raw, vegan and filled with living food goodness. It gets it name because of its texture, color and wonderful dill flavor. This is a delightful plant-based recipe that pairs…