Ginger Lemonade

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This simple recipe is the perfect feel good, pick me up that you need in life right away! Ditch traditional lemonade for this healing tonic and feel the results almost as soon as you take your first sip! Ginger and lemons both have a long…

Ginger Tonic

Ginger has long been known for his amazing health benefits. Ginger is versatile, easy to use and can help address a long list of symptoms. Ginger's impressive resume comes from its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. One of the…

Green Juice

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Your go-to alkalizing, enzyme-packed, healing and delicious daily beverage! When you begin drinking this juice daily, you will begin feeling its benefits immediately!  This juice delivers vitamins and minerals directly to your body without…

Cabbage Salad

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When looking for a side dish, cabbage salad is an excellent choice. The health benefits of cabbage are abundant including being an anti-inflammatory, promotes weight loss, regulates blood pressure, acts as a detoxifier, just to name a few.…

Spiced Walnut Meat

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It isn't a coincidence that walnuts look like the human brain. One of the biggest benefits of walnuts is their ability to support your brain health. They truly are "brain food"! Walnuts contain one of the highest amounts of omega-3 fats…

Chaga Tea

Learn how to make chaga tea and take advantage of all the remarkable medicinal properties from this super herb mushroom.

Miso Shitake Soup

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Brrrr.... baby, it's cold outside! Seems like no one is safe right now from the frigid weather. Even here in south florida, we are scraping frost off our window, and bundling up! Following a raw diet in hot weather, makes sense but what…

Mock "Salmon" Pate

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You don't have to like salmon to enjoy this wonderful pate. It is raw, vegan and filled with living food goodness. It gets it name because of its texture, color and wonderful dill flavor. This is a delightful plant-based recipe that pairs…