What Are Living Foods?

The OK Lifestyle uses living foods, plant based nutrition for optimal health and longevity

Living Foods are high frequency plant foods, always prepared at less that 118 degrees so the food enzymes they contain are alive. These food enzymes aid in the digestive process (basically digesting themselves) so your body does not have to steal other enzymes, making you tired as your organs are robbed of your metabolic enzymes to digest your food. Eat your salad!

Living Foods are high vibrational foods that serve as fuel to energize and heal your body.

Chef Olga Keller has developed OK Living Foods. OK Living Foods are living foods that are prepared in combinations that flow with your digestion, not fight against it. Olga has designed recipes that blend foods together, creating high frequency, high vibration, high energy meals that help your body heal and repair while giving you mental clarity and stamina throughout  your day.

By understanding proper food combining, you pair certain foods together for maximum digestion and nutrient assimilation while avoiding other combinations that digest at differing rates, making the digestive process more difficult, creating bloating, indigestion and gas and denying the body full absorption of nutrients.

OK Living Foods Includes

  • Greens and Green Juice
  • Vegetables from land and sea
  • Fruits and berries of all kinds
  • Sprouted nuts and seeds
  • Fermented foods
  • Raw Chocolate and other Superfoods
  • Medicinal Mushrooms (teas)
  • Spirulina and Algae
  • Beans (sprouted)
  • Clean water with minerals added